This page provides links to guides developed by other sites to help those new to learning code. I recommend this page for those who are reflective and analytical learners who learn best by reading, thinking, and analyzing code first before diving in.  I will continue to add more guides to this page.  If you have any suggestions, subscribe first to the blog, then send me a message to let me know.

Responsive Web Design

52 Question Checklist for Responsive Web Design Freelance Projects

Adam Kaplan’s Guide to Responsive Web Design

A List Apart’s Online Magazine for Web Designers

Webappers Beginner’s Guide Into Responsive Web Design


Git Reference

A Visual Git Reference

Tim Green’s GitHub Cheat Sheet

Front End Web Development

Berkeley Knight Center for Digital Media HTML 101 Tutorial

Interactive Javascript Guide & Tutorial

Shay Howe’s HTML & CSS Tutorial

LifeHacker’s Full Beginner Guide to Learning Code (with Javascript)

Web Platform’s Web Development for Beginners

Back End Web Development

Interactive Java Guide & Tutorial

Interactive C Guide & Tutorial

Python Tutor Guide & Tutorial

Python Basic and Advanced Tutorials

Python Developer’s Guide

Ruby on Rails

Ruby Tutor Guide & Tutorial

Google’s (Unofficial) Ruby Guide

A Community Driven Ruby Style Guide

A Community Driven Rails Style Guide

Rails Girls Guide

MEAN Stack Web Development

Angular.js Cheat Sheet

Azat Mardanov’s Express.js Guide

Comprehensive Angular.js Guide

Building Web Apps with Node.js

Karl Seguin’s The Little MongoDB Book

LAMP Stack Web Development

FOSSWire Unix Linux Command Line Reference

Linux Command Line Reference

Learn Shell

Interactive PHP Guide & Tutorial

MySQL Guide & Tutorial

Computer Science & Theory

Big O Notation Cheat Sheet

Google’s Guide to Technical Development