Upcoming Events: 3D Printing Workshop and the Chicago’s NEXT Hackathon

Chicago has always been like a second home to me.  It’s one of the 3 cities that a frequently visit for business, cons, and tech meetups (St. Louis and Nashville being the others).  Having once been a resident and a Loyola U alumni, I feel comfortable returning there at least twice a month.  Would I ever move back there permanently? I’m not sure, but I have fun every time I visit nonetheless.

For my upcoming trip this week, I wanted to make sure I filled my schedule with plenty of tech learning events.  I signed up to volunteer and participate in Chicago’s NEXT hackathon event this Saturday.  ChicagosNext is a non-profit organization that brings together technologists — designers, developers — anyone who wants to learn through creating ideas and building projects that help local communities.  Hearing about the mission, I wanted to get involved and contribute to making the hackathon a valuable experience.  In addition, I’m interested in learning more about Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform, the software used in the challenge.  It’s great that I can give back, learn, and network simultaneously.

I also registered for a short introductory workshop on 3D printing.  I shamelessly geek over news of 3D printing innovation, and I had been looking for a workshop to attend to learn extensively about the hardware and technology for a while.  I did a random event calendar search and voila! I found a *free* Friday event during lunch hours.

I think both opportunities will also allow me to meet Our Code readers in person.  If you’re a reader in the Chicago area and want to join me, click here to learn how to register to the the hackathon, and here to RSVP for the Friday 3D printing workshop. Be sure to introduce yourself and we’ll chat!

Join Me for Live Show and Tell on Bootstrap Tonight

For those who first joined me 3 weeks ago in taking the Microsoft course on Twitter Bootstrap, you will know that tonight is the final day of the course.  I want to wish best of luck to everyone who is completing the final exam and turning in the last few lab projects to get their certificate today.  To celebrate the end of the course, we’ll do a live show and tell of our projects created with Bootstrap tonight in conjunction with Code Buddies via Google Hangout.

This will be a live hangout, so participants should feel free to showcase their site designs built with Bootstrap as well as labs completed for the course.  To those new to using Google Hangout, there is a screen share option that accompanies the voice and video, and I’ll go over briefly how to use those options before we get started.

The hangout is an hour long and starts at 6:30pm CST // 7:30pm EST // 5:30pm GMT // 4:30pm PT. To RSVP, visit the Code Buddies site here.

I want to personally thank Code Buddies for allowing me to host the course with their platform. It’s been great and I hope to organize more study sessions in the future!

Want to Learn Bootstrap? Join me on CodeBuddies Tonight

I’ve been hanging out with the Code Buddies community this year as part of my goal to network with other designers and developers over knowledge share.  It’s a great pair programming resource for newbs who want to learn new languages with others via Google Hangouts.  Through Code Buddies, I’ve had the chance to join others in designing side projects, studying data structures in python, learning more about testing and Rspec, and trying out frameworks such as MeteorJS.  I decided to create a session on Bootstrap, since Microsoft just launched their latest MOOC on it.  I have working knowledge of bootstrap, and even designed a template or two with it, but it’s always cool to improve.

If you want to join me, we’ll be meeting virtually on Code Buddies every Tuesday night at 6:30pm CST beginning today.  We’ll be using the Bootstrap MOOC as our main learning source and sharing our projects in the Hangouts over the next 3 weeks. To register for the course (DEV203x), go to EdX to enroll now.  To sign up for the hangout and vid chat with yours truly about course material, click here.