Help Wanted: Women of Color Needed in Technology

As reported by journalist Anayat Durrani, Treehouse recently did an article discussing the shortage of women of color in tech and web-based positions.  As we know, women of color represent less than 3% of tech employees and deal with both gender and race factors that uniquely impact their entry into the technology field.  Now, companies are teaming up with non-profit organizations to offer skills development in order to create a class of women they can recruit in the future.  This is just one of the effective ways to get girls and women of color in the field, and there is still work to be done in active recruitment, retention, and upward mobility.

In the article, Durrani profiles 3 women of color and their stories of tech career success: Poornima Vijayashanker, Tanika Kelly, and Andrea Mancillas-Cabañas.  Kelly in particular offers great advice for encouragement:


To women who show an interest in STEM, she advises they “remain steadfast” at learning and growing in their chosen discipline. She says women should never shy away from reinventing themselves to stay relevant in their field or in transitioning to another STEM-related career and to always keep current with changes in the technology world to maximize opportunities.


“If you have no technical background, I think the only way to get started is to dive in. Be hungry and ambitious and you will be successful!” Kelly says.

 To read the article, “Help Wanted: Women of Color Needed in Technology”, in full, click here to visit the Treehouse Blog.

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