Code Snippets and Other Free Wisdom

The great thing about learning how to code today is that there are more than enough books, wikis (including our own), blogs, and websites that can help you no matter what skill level you start at.  I’m a book type of autodidact– I need only to be shown how to code something once in order to internalize it for integrating in my own projects.  Some may prefer video lectures, while others have dedicated go-to sites they visit often for trouble-shooting and brain storming.  No matter what hill you arrive at, there is always a resource to show you how to get over or around it.

Lately, my hurdle has been finding out how to code certain functions in web design. I hate to say it, but outside of writing, I’m not that artistic.  I derive most of my inspiration from other designs, photos, posters, or everyday illustrations I might see.  When it comes to CSS3, I’m inspired by flat UI design which I find to be more visually compatible with mobile.  Its a habit for me to view the source code in Chrome’s developer tools when I find a design that is particularly striking to me.  Studying the source code is the easiest way to learn a master’s technique.

I think Jake Rocheleau, a Digital Researcher on popular design, would agree with me.  He authored a recent gem that included 28 free CSS code snippets accessed through CodePen. Wondering how to code web extras like bootstrap forms, radial menus, e-commerce columns, image sliders, plus more? Rocheleau has you covered this week!

To view all 28 code snippets, visit the article here.


Video: A Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

I found this video while catching up on my Intro to Computer Science course I’m taking online through HarvardX.  It’s part of Harvard’s Master Class series which function as introductions to curriculum that the college offers.  In the video, David Malan, a senior lecturer in Applied Sciences at Harvard and computer science expert, leads the audience in a series of exercises that introduces them to algorithms, information theory, and coding.  If you like this video, I encourage you to consider the CS50x course based on the C programming language that I link above that’s also taught by Malan.  It’s free, including the video lectures, text, exercises, and extra help.  It’s difficult, but I love it!

New Updates Added to Our Code Wiki

Hello all, I added a few updates to Our Code Wiki including:

99Lime’s HTML Kickstarter Kit

Skeleton Mobile Development Kit

Learn Java Online Guide

I also started a new page, “Our Learning”, which will feature online learning sites and the programming languages they teach.

To view all recent updates on the Wiki click here and visit the “Our Guides” and “Our Learning” links to stay up to date on resources available to you.

It’s Never Too Late



Some of my heroes in tech are listed above, with neither of them having received their big idea until well into their 30s.  I know that the media would have you believe that most tech “superstars” are young straight out of high school geniuses, but trust, whatever it is you want to accomplish can be done if you are willing to work hard do it.  This is regardless of age.

You’ll also notice that the majority of men listed in this pictograph are white and male. You see? The world has been waiting for you.