Responsive Front-end Frameworks You Must Learn

Great post that features summaries on framework tools such as Bootstrap, Foundation, Skeleton, Semantic UI, and HTML Kickstarter. This post comes from Kristin Shuford who is a Project Manager under Apple Advertising Inc.


Responsive Front-end Frameworks You Must Learn Mobile phones now account for almost a fifth of global web usage , tablets are on the rise and expected to overcome desktops and laptops within the next five years . This growth means that web designers and developers need to create sites now that will look as expected on differently sized screens. Currently, responsive design is the best way to do this. Responsive design provides easy reading and navigation of a website – automatically, and with no disruption to the user – while enforcing a minimum of descaling for legibility across a wide range of devices, from mobile to desktop.

The question is how do we, the designer or developer, create a website that utilizes responsive design? And the answer is front-end development frameworks. These frameworks are simply a collection of HTML, CSS and JavaScript components that are included in the site code. The purpose of the framework is…

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New Updates Added to Our Code Wiki

Hello all, I added a bunch of new updates to Our Code Wiki including:

Free Infographic builder links

Download for Sublime Text 3 Beta

W3Schools’ HTML Code Picker

SkilledUp’s Guide to Learning Web Design

Tech terms list and vocabulary

Links to courses hosted by SkillCrush, W3Schools, Women’s Coding Collective, Udemy, and EdX**

To view all recent updates on the Wiki click here and visit the “Our Tools”, “Our Guides”, and “Our Courses” links to stay up to date on resources available to you.

**Note: While all of the guides and tools I post on Our Code Wiki are free, not all courses specifically listed are. The courses that are free will be defined as such

Michel Martin to Host New NPR Series on Women in Tech

In celebration of Women’s History Month this March, NPR will be sharing stories of women on the rise in the tech sector as well as sponsoring a series of twitter chats.  Hosted by Michel Martin of Tell Me More, NPR hopes to lead discussion about why the majority of those represented in Silicon Valley are men and how to encourage women to consider computer science careers.  Using the hashtag #NPRWIT, women tech leaders will live-tweet a day in their lives in illustrating what they do.   This includes notable women of color such as Christine Celise Johnson (@ChristineCelise) of DiversiTech, NPR technology reporter Elise Hu (@elisewho), Kimberly Bryant (@6Gems) of Black Girls Code, Deika Morrison (@deikamorrison) of MDK Consulting, Sabrina Hersi Issa (@beingbrina) of Be Bold Media, and many others.

I am really excited about this series just by looking at the roster of those who will be tweeting.  We finally have a program that discusses women in tech in which at least half of those who are participating are of color.   NPR made strides in introducing #NPRBlacksInTech last year, a hashtag conversation that is still going strong on twitter.  I hope that by these women sharing their stories, more young women will be encouraged to enter the tech industry.

Click the image below to view the whole roster for this month’s scheduled program.